Origin:  Saint Louis, MO


Genres:  Rock, Metal


Active; 2014-Present

Short Bio

Combining a mix of the chaotic styles of modern metal, the prowess of classic rock, the infectious hooks of alternative, mixed with orchestral and electronic elements, Arkangela is a unique rock band centered around dualism, with one goal in mind: creating passionate, high energy music that hits the listener both in the mind and heart.

Dubbing themselves "The Saints of Misery", the message of creating a positive perspective and action from negativity is a common theme in their music.

In late 2015, they released their debut "LIMBO", spending the following years performing with bands like Avatar, Wednesday 13, and John 5, and building up their following.


After a brief hiatus, Arkangela returned in 2020 with new music, setting their sights focused and forward, releasing their newest singles “Take It To Your Grave”, and “C’est La Vie”, taking the band’s musical diversity to new heights.

On March 20th, 2021, Arkangela announced their first full length record, “Tempus Deserta”, out May 20th 2021.




Set List

Tech Rider

Hospitality Rider

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