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Origin:  Saint Louis, MO


Genres:  Rock, Metal


Active; 2014-Present


Infusing a visceral heavy metal sound with the anthemic spirit of stadium rock, American band ARKANGELA is a unique quartet that uses contrast to convey passionate, high-energy music aimed at the listener’s mind and heart.


Frontman Ryan Beck, guitarist Louie C. Granados, bassist Roman Ryliee, and drummer Gabriel Osborn, all experienced musicians who'd previously honed their crafts in various music projects, found each other online on a common ground of musical influences and vision.


In 2015, they released their debut "LIMBO", a concept EP addressing social issues of mental illness, domestic terrorism, and morality. They have since established themselves in the St. Louis hard rock and metal scene, performed in several states, and shared the stage with many popular and like-minded acts, such as Avatar, Wednesday 13, and Christian Death.


Taking a moment to recollect, Arkangela returned in 2020 with new music, releasing their single “Take It To Your Grave”, a song about weaponized political polarity. In 2021, they released their first full-length album "Tempus Deserta", a record about celebrating life through the acceptance of death and finding meaning in the world.

Beginning a new music cycle, the band released "Plastic Crown", a cynical song about self empowerment, on October 30th, 2023.


Setting their sights forward, Arkangela now aims to push the duality at the heart of their art to its fullest extent, both on record and on stage.

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